lunedì 22 ottobre 2012

The name of our suite "magic of love" says it all ...

With this post we turn to all couples in love to all those who love someone and want to give him a romantic stay in a unique and unforgettable experience. If you fall in the desire to cuddle and heat is higher than our suite " Incanto love "with her ​​magic above meet all your needs and give you unforgettable moments. 

Fruit of the union between the rooms and Februarius Januarius, the Suite of Love Charm combines in a wonderful way the heat of the fire of the old fireplace in January, lovely sitting area, with the energy of the old water tank in front of the post in February four-poster bed, creating a flavor intimate and unconventional at the same time, ideal for two souls in search of union. Our romantic relais and sul Trasimeno holiday awaits you in Montesperello Magione, in the province of Perugia, and in addition to the heat of its rooms offers many other amenities for your comfort and relaxation, the spa at all!What are you waiting for visit our site to choose your holiday?

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