mercoledì 24 ottobre 2012

Prepare a romantic getaway perfect for your love ....

Reach Umbria, walk along the beautiful Lake Trasimeno , breathe and take in the magnificent views. Then you reach the hill of Montesperello mansion, an enchanted place where time seems to stand still. Come up to the top of the hill and you will find our fantastic romantic relais . One of the farm on Lake Trasimeno most beautiful and intimate with the largest number of services and the increased amount of relaxation and well-being in Umbria . Our spawith its sauna, turkish bath and Jacuzzi tub for two, will be able to offer you moments of intense relaxation that will follow a dinner organized in every aspect in our restaurant. Sweeter then the night in one of our special rooms, studied and restored in every detail to give you a familiar and intimate. During the day, then, countless are the sports that you can practice. From horse, trekking, mountain biking and sailing. Not just a romantic break then, but an opportunity to fully enjoy all the natural beauty of the surroundings of the lake Trasimeno.

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