mercoledì 10 ottobre 2012

In our farm sul Trasimeno can spend afternoons a beautiful horse. We tell you some of the benefits of riding.

Horse riding is one of the most beautiful sport for those who love animals and nature. In addition to building a special relationship with the horse, one of the most beautiful animals and parts of the world, faithful companion of man in work in times long gone, you can practice this sport being in close contact with nature, enjoying the views, atmosphere and routes are always different. If we speak of landscapes, nature and riding we can not tell you that our beautiful romantic relais and farm sul Trasimeno can fully enjoy these wonderful pleasures of life. In addition to spending a romantic holiday truly unforgettable using our services such as spa and restaurant, you can also, thanks to agreements with various activities in the area, enjoy an afternoon on horseback to spend carelessly with the person you love. Speaking about the benefits of riding we offer this part of the interview with Dr. Lorenzo Panella, a specialist in rehabilitation and functional recovery found here : "Horse riding involves the commitment of different muscle groups. Specifically, this will include the abdominals, back and low back. Such contract following the rhythm of ' gait of the horse, improving over time the tone and elasticity. were involved but also the muscles of the groin, buttocks and legs of those who, urged, they strengthen and gain greater strength. Moreover, derive significant benefit of the muscles arms, as the scapulohumeral, biceps and triceps, and neck. "

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