venerdì 5 ottobre 2012

In our wellness center "Incanto", the novelty of full body massage with chocolate!

Perugia, you know, is the Italian city of chocolate. There are several events throughout the year that attract tourists from all over the world and do so much to talk about if, in fact dedicated to chocolate, the protagonist from all points of view. By "Eurochocolate" through "more chocolate" the protagonist is always the same, one of the world's finest foods. Umbria is however also the land of nature par excellence, lung Italy that offers many places to discover, see and breathe! Our Trasimeno farm The Song of Nature, which is located in a splendid resort romantic in Montesperello of Magione wanted to create a special union between nature and chocolate that turns into pure wellness for all guests who want to take advantage of the new offer of our most intimate spa "" Enchantment ", the" total rejuvenating massage with chocolate. "Set in a wider range of massage based PDO (oliva oil, red wine and other typical products of Etruscan lands) this particular type of massage will be able to give your stay a romantic touch of strong pleasure and well-being in addition to what is offered by the stay in our beautiful farm in Umbria. Nemmine two sizes so all our offers, choose the one that best suits you and come to find by touch all our wonders!

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