mercoledì 17 ottobre 2012

Just a few more days to enjoy the spectacle of Eurochocholate and the beauty of the Trasimeno

In Perugia is in progress' Eurochocholate 2012 . As early as the weekend, the capital of the ' Umbria has been flooded with visitors from all over the world who were able to delight all the senses. Sight on the palate, smelling the touch thanks to the protagonist of the event, the chocolate. There are still a few days to enjoy this show and we are ready to welcome the Song in our beautiful romantic relais andfarm sul Trasimeno if you want, as well as visit Eurochocolate also enjoy a romantic stay unique in the countryside. Our wellness centerin honor of this event offers special courses of chocolate that will give you unforgettable moments. The Song of Nature is Montesperello Magione and from there in a few minutes you can reach the heart of Perugia where you can visit the booths, take a look at chocolate sculptures and breathe delicious scents!

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