lunedì 8 ottobre 2012

Spirituality and well-being to our Song of Nature

In addition to being a romantic relais and a farm sul Trasimeno which gives you the opportunity to spend u romantic getaway that will leave you open-mouthed, The Song of Nature is the ideal place for meditation and soul searching. To facilitate these moments of silence and intimacy, and at the same time discover the most beautiful and scenic company, a meditation path to discover intervalla phrases written by famous authors on wood, at angles of nature between the old source, the park games, the olive grove, always in the company of Lake Trasimeno in the background. A path between nature and our inner world where giving movement to the body and peace to the soul. Nature, relaxation and meditation. A mix that will bring you back to life every day completely refreshed thanks to all our other services such as the spa , restaurant and of course our beautiful rooms that will make you fall in love every second.

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