sabato 6 ottobre 2012

A farm sul Trasimeno completely Eco-friendly. Our romantic relais is one of the first to have joined the network EcoWorldHotel

Respect for Nature and the observance of good practices to ensure the environmental sustainability of the actions that we do every day is the foundation of our philosophy has always been. Our Trasimeno Farm The Song of Nature is one of the first to have joined the network EcoWorldHotel, the first in Italy Group of hotels and lodging options eco-sensitive and willing to adopt a new philosophy and original for a new project that aims to environment. In addition to ensuring an unforgettable romantic stay for our guests, in fact, our romantic relais cares about the respect for nature and everything connected to it. Our beautiful farm in Umbria is up to you to Montesperello the mansion, on a beautiful hill completely surrounded by greenery. Beautiful view of the lake Trasimeno and unforgettable sessions in our spa! Come and visit us!

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