giovedì 21 febbraio 2013

Umbria magical place ...

We want to offer the site Umbrialacarte  a brief description of our fantastic region:

The region is crossed by the Apennines  from which descend numerous hills with soft lines that vary and soften the landscape. Its green valleys, even in their harmonious beauty traits changing:  the wide valley of the Tiber in Rome and going down to the sea and the fertile valley through which the Chiascio and Topino,  the Nera Valley, rich in characteristic corners  in unspoilt nature.  The Umbrian landscape prefers water. Sometimes overlooking a placid lake, it is  the Trasimeno near Perugia and Lake Piediluco near Terni , sometimes it is enlivened by an intrepid cascade: the Marmore, sometimes still bea a source very clear that fascinated the poet: sources of Clitunno.  's natural environment particularly impressive , the presence of numerous mineral and thermal waters, the history of the city still imprinted in their architecture,  the warm hospitality of restaurants and trattorias , where they prepare simple dishes the old fashioned way genuine character of this part.
If you want to enjoy all the beauties of Umbria enjoying a romantic holiday truly unique choose the relay romantic and farm on Lake Trasimeno The Song of nature, surrounded by beautiful hills of Umbria with wellness center and restaurant area for children, the Canticle of Nature awaits you Monteseprello Magione a few kilometers from the most beautiful towns of Umbria and Tuscany border!

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