martedì 26 febbraio 2013

Gourmet quality to the Canticle of nature

We are increasingly used to consuming foods, definitely tasty, but also so rich in colors and preservatives are not always allies of our health. One of the many good reasons to stay at the Canticle of natureromantic Relais and agritourism in Umbria overlooking Lake Trasimeno , is precisely to discover the taste of natural foods, organic ingredients produced on site by following the natural cycle of the seasons; it is therefore a cuisine that follows the traditions and wants to ensure quality and, indirectly, greater well-being. Many other reasons to choose the Song of Nature as a destination of your stay in Umbria such as spa , sauna with Jacuzzi and turkish bath, a large proposal of massages and treatments designed for the welfare of the couple, the panoramic outdoor swimming pool where you can spend hours of carefree relaxation during the summer, the opportunity to practice outdoor sports and much more. The Song of nature awaits you in a Montesperello Magione , on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. See you soon!

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