venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

Celebrate well, celebrate the Song of nature!

Have you ever wondered what are the origins of Valentine's Day? To answer this question we must consider the period between 176 and 273 AD, a period in which he lived from Terni Valentino, Christian saint and martyr became a patron saint of love through a series of miracles. It is said, for example, that during a walk, managed to inculcate a feeling of love to two young intent to argue, just flying some pigeons who exchanged signs of affection. The date of February 14 was chosen to commemorate the death of Valentine had been beheaded on the same day of the order of 273 of 'Emperor Aurelian. 
The Valentine's Day is approaching, look for an original way to celebrate? We advise you to give you a romantic weekend at theCanticle of nature , romantic Relais and agritourism in Umbria . The Song of Nature is on the border between Umbria and Tuscany , a few kilometers from Perugia , Assisi and Cortona in Montesperello Magione . Selected as one of the 10 most romantic structures of Europe, awaits you with its many amenities: spa treatments and massages service wedding planner, baby sitting service and much more. Celebrate well, celebrate the Song of nature!

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