lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

Agriturismo Il Song of Nature, when the welfare meets energy.

Our farm on Lake Trasimeno and romantic relais The Song of Nature, as well as offer you a romantic memorable thanks to its impeccable services such as spa restaurant and lovely rooms is also a haven of greenery surrounded by nature full of energy that gives welfare , relaxation and tranquility. 

energy permeates the universe everywhere but not every place is allowed to penetrate the same way. The Song of Nature is in the form of logs trees, carved by time and bent by the wind, which reads the primal force of this ancient site where Etruscan findings testify to the vitality and energy since time far more distant when Chiusi and Perugia were among the most illustrious of the kingdom of the "People mystical." Fluid moves from the trunks of the stone house that draws on ancient source its nymph daily. fruit of laborious and careful work of ancient hands attentive to the rules of the universe, the austere house becomes the perfect vehicle of this energy and distributed environments according to the human will, its aspirations and its features such as Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of energy environments, revealed in a study that Roberto Marocchesi, an expert at the national level, has done for us. The path in the seasons of our rooms becomes energy path in the balance of the universe and in the folds of everyday life and the human soul.

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