lunedì 4 marzo 2013

The surprise of nature .. in all its beauty!

The surprising nature, always! in all its beauty, its magnificence, its perfection. Every day, nature is renewed, changed, breathes, lives and marks our time riding the rhythm of the seasons. And sometimes we men should stop for a moment, breathe fully and feel all the mood of the nature that surrounds us, its atmosphere, its magic. And 'This is what you can do by spending a romantic stay on the Song of Nature,romantic relais and farm on Lake Trasimeno The Song of Nature. In addition to pristine nature await a health club , a beautiful view of Lake Trasimeno, a restaurant and stunning rooms, intimissime and real treasures of love. The Song of Nature is Montesperello of the mansion, a few kilometers from Perugia and the border with Tuscany

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